About Me

My name is Nikki Poncelet and I have decided to create my own blog! I sometimes journal and instead I thought by using pictures and stories in a creative way may make this more fun!​

I enjoy making projects for myself as I have my own Rustic Signs that I create which I have a page on Facebook and Instagram called  boardwalk_art. I love painting and sketching and anything that looks more modern for home decor. I enjoy walking on trails, walking by the Saskatchewan River, and going to dog parks with my dog!

Right now it is up in the air for my occupation as I have had many throughout the past years. Not because I did not like them but, because most of them were short term or seasonal. I have a diploma in Recreation and Tourism which has given me a lot of experience in different departments. I am still looking for something of my interest where I can use my artistic abilities and interests.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning and I am quite the sight seer. Anything with a good view or is beautiful catches my attention. I love beaches, sand bars, and any type of water I can jump into. I am a very bubbly person and I always keep my doors open for something new.

What are your interests?

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