My Art

Some of you may know already about my art. I have a page on Instagram

and on Facebook called boardwalk_art.

My art means the world to me. It makes me happy and keeps my mind

in a peaceful place. I have always wanted to open my own shop but,

the market out there is hard to compete with so I am not sure my art

would sell.


I like creating Rustic Signs of any kind. I also fill out any type of

request that comes my way as I can go beyond rustic signs. I have

created pieces from all walks of life. Pieces for marriages, engagements,

home decor, anniversaries, birthday gifts, special occasions, cabin decor,

clocks, and more. You name it!

My prices depend on the size of the project, my time, as well as cost of materials. If my prices are not up to snuff I am always willing to negotiate.

Check out my pieces! If you have something in mind let me know and I am sure I can fit the bill for you.

rustic sign 17.jpg

Some of my Paintings:

rustic sign 18.jpg
rustic sign 19.jpg
rustic sign 20.jpg

My Favourite Pieces:

rustic sign 21.jpg
rustic sign 22.jpg
rustic sign 23.jpg

Wedding Guestbooks:

rustic sign 37.jpg
rustic sign 38.jpg

These pieces I took pictures from start to finish:

nikki 199.jpg

This one was displayed at the Mendel Art Gallery

nikki 97.jpg

This was created on a red paddle. A bear with an owl and eagle inside it. Made with ink.

nikki 96.jpg

Which one is your favourite?