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"Fishing" in Winter

We all know living in Canada comes with the season of winter. When you ask people what their favourite season is, normally their answer won't be winter. It can be the hardest thing to get motivated to get up and go outside. Especially on the coldest days.

Every winter I try to at least do a few winter activities. I am "fishing" for new things to do every year. I did accomplish skating and sledding (down a hill and on a ski-doo) at least once.

This year I had the opportunity to go ice fishing on Blackstrap Lake. I also tried out Optimist Hill for the first time to see what the hype was about tubing down it.

Blackstrap Ice Fishing

My best friend Tia has moved out to Shields which circles beside Blackstrap Lake. The day was bright and the walk was lovely. Unfortunately we had no takers for fish but it was fun to catch up with friends and enjoy the lake. The walk back was quite cold and the wind was strong so a hot cup of joe was perfect for a happy ending.

Optimist Hill

Well I for one have to say the tubing lived up to the expectation. I had a blast going down the hill. I loved hooking my sister and I together and the escalator was very convenient to get to the top of the hill.

I would definitely recommend taking your family tubing on a sunny day. You can also rent skis and snowboards as well as, taking lessons to learn each one. They do have a concession which could also make for a nice cup of joe after the excitement.

Was tube tacular!

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