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Do you like books? I love reading books when I find one I'm really into. For me I like reading books based on other peoples lives. I like to read about their crazy world wind on life so I don't feel like mine is as bad! Sounds terrible right? But it makes it interesting to see what other people are going through. I also like romance novels that have adventure in them as well.

I am a fast reader, so once I find a book and it takes my interest I read in all my spare time until it's finished. Lately I have found some really good ones I would like to recommend to you! (If you like to read that is :) )

Beyond the 14th Floor : Melaney Bossaer

The first book I highly recommend is 'Beyond the 14th Floor'. What's awesome about this book is that I know the author! You know my good friend Tia I keep mentioning? Well her mom wrote this book! How cool is that? I went to her book opening at McNally Robinson which was quite the turnout. And what's even better is that Tia made the book cover!

This book takes on 3 characters lives and how they get stuck inside an elevator. Their lives unfold and begin to intertwin with one another. Each chapter takes on one character at a time. I fell in love with one of the ladies because she had a romantic connection with a hot handy man fixing her kitchen and her life was beautiful to read about. I hope Melaney makes a sequel because I will be patiently waiting...

The Fifth Avenue Story Society : Rachel Hauck

Now this book felt as if it connected to 'Beyond the 14th Floor' because there are 5 characters shared in this story. Each character is handed a mysterious note to meet at the same place at the same time. No one understands why they were supposed to meet but, after time they start to connect and know more about each other upon each meeting. After a while their stories unfold and start to intertwin just like 'Beyond the 14th Floor'. Each chapter looks at each character and how their lives differ from each other.

I was browsing Wal-Mart during Covid and came across this book.

After Ever Happy : Anna Todd

(Fourth sequel)

Okay before you read this just know there are 5 books. I was stupid enough to pick up the fourth book first and read the whole thing like a mad man because it was THAT good. I didn't even know I picked up the fourth book but now I am starting back at the first one.

I also happened to be browsing for movies one night and came across the movie 'After' which is the first book. I thought no way and yeup there it was the movie to the book I didn't want to put down. They just came out with the second movie 'After We Collided" this year 2020.

I highly recommend this series and to watch the movies. It helps to put a face to the characters in the book :) This book focuses on a couple Tessa and Hardin. Each chapter will switch from Tessa or Hardin and what is going through their mind. They are a couple who meets in school and their lives unfold into friends, family, jealousy, heartbreaks, careers, moving, and so much more ;) A very cute and sexy romance between the sweet and innocent Tessa and the bad boi Hardin with dirty details you may want to keep away from your kids!

The Series is as follows:

1. After 2. After We Collided 3. After We Fell 4.After Ever Happy 5. Before

This Is Me : Chrissy Metz

Loving the Person You Are Today

Chrissy Metz is a character from the TV show "This is Us". You gotta see it! Makes me cry but like in a good way cry. The show is all about life coming at you in all different directions.

This book I was looking in the Self Help section in Indigo and came across it. I was feeling down and wanted something to read to give me a boost. I love Chrissy Metz because she talks about the hard times she came across to get to the show of "This is Us" and it is such an amazing story. I was so touched by it I tried reaching out to her on Instagram to ask how to start my own book (if I had better spelling and grammar maybe in the future). She had nothing but positive words to say and made me feel happy because she gave good feedback. I feel like she is a strong powering woman that I like to check in from time to time to see what else she accomplishes in life.

When I was reading her book I made tabs on lines that she used that I like to look back on and reflect.

"Because showing up for yourself is sometimes the lesson. It's only failure if you don't try in the first place."

"There is something hat happens when you are grateful. You continue to receive blessings."

This is the part when she meets Oprah. Oprah! For crying out loud!

She also has chapters that are like teaching lessons. They are the 'Bees' of her book. When she is crossing roads and choices she made mistakes along the way. She creates a calming mindset to correct those mistakes and also be funny at the same time. I really enjoyed these chapters because she tells you to laugh things off when they seemed like a big deal at the time.

She also doesn't talk like a robot, she uses slang and wording that's like yasss girl preach!

Chrissy Metz yalllll. Give her a read!

All these books have been five stars for me as they have related to me in some way or just have been captivating reads. I was shown by a friend there is an app called goodreads and it shows you what books are popular, how you can pick books you want to read, rate them, sign off that you finished them, and share them with your friends. You can also see what your friends are reading and follow what they have interests in. It's quite the cool app! I haven't been on it much because I only have one friend so far who showed me the app. So if you are interested in reading add me on the app! Then I can read more books that you would recommend :)

Happy reading and if you have any interesting books give me a shout!

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