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I'm Two-Tired

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I just purchased a bike last year!


This year I have had more energy to use my bike than walk. I did not realize how easily it was to get to a location you set your mind to. I enjoy using my bike the most on the Meewasin Trails around the river. The bridges we have in Saskatoon make it easy to travel across to get a full view of our city.

If I want to go for a fast bike ride and get my heart racing I put in some tunes and pedal to the metal. Otherwise I like to bring my sister along with me. I tried to bring my dog however he does not walk straight so I would end up almost running him over. He is too small to go on long bike rides so he ended up in my backpack for half of a ride one time, which would have been a picture perfect moment as he did not want to stay in my backpack.


Transporting My Bike

I have a small car so I normally would throw my bike in the back of my car with the seats down. I got tired of trying to shove it in my car as I am a small person. I had the idea to purchase a bike rack off of Amazon. I must say it was a really good idea as it hooks onto my trunk because I do not have a hitch. It is the most easiest way to transport my bike as it takes no more than a minute to attach the bike rack to the trunk of my car. I do have racks on top of my car but, I have no idea how people can lift their bike that high. Kudos to those who can!


I am a slow bike rider just as I am a slow walker. I had a job once where I taught bike safety to grade 3 classrooms around the city. There are hand signals to show which way you are turning, stopping, and slowing down. It is mandatory to have a bell and reflectors on your bike. I am not the best at wearing a helmet but it is the best way to keep yourself safe when travelling on the roads. You are also considered a vehicle so do keep in mind you need to stop for pedestrians. It is best to have a light flashing on the back of your bike at night or some kind of light so people can see you.

That is my best advice for bike riding. I am sure there are more lessons but to my knowledge these are the minimal rules to know.

If you ever want to go for a two-wheeler roady hit me up :)

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