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Picnic At The Farm

Did you know that Black Fox Farm and Distillery does picnics???

Well now you do!

My brother's fiancé found out that you can do picnics with a limit of 6 people. They just started it this year. It only costs $20 per person which includes a basket full of bread, jams, sausages, and pickled things like olives and beans. Annnnddd includes one drink! Extra drinks are additional cost but hey they grow a lot of items that make their drinks worth tasting. (Black Fox Farm is known for making their own gin, so you gotta try more than just one.) The picnic lasts an hour so you can sip, chat, and enjoy.

They give you a basket and your choice of drink and you get to pick a nice spot in their vineyard to have a picnic. We went on an exceptionally hot day so we were all melting but, the picnic was quite nice with the clouds rolling on by.

I tried to be all cute and classy by bringing an umbrella to go with the theme but I ended up just looking like a dork. Which I am always good at haha but it was the idea that counts right?

Black Fox Farm and Distillery has excursions of guided walking tours and sampling their spirits along with tastings, enjoying their patio, and flower picking! All must be scheduled ahead of time. This Distillery is about 10 minutes out of the city just off of Valley Road.

Sometimes you got to venture out and try new things! I would recommend the picnic as a cute date with your significant other for a day out in the sun. Black Fox has great views and a lot of flowers to look at!

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Cheers! (Clink)

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