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Sandy Buns

You know what's fun? Just winging it. It is one of my specialties. Any free or spare time that I have I like to enjoy the sun and leave the city sometimes. It's like a mini vacation.

I took my sister and her bff to Pike Lake on a sunny day to cool off in the lake. The beach was packed! There were all types of floaties of popsicles, pizza, doughnuts, and we even caught nemo and dory hanging out in the water. (Two cute little ones floating in nemo and dory doughnuts). The water was quite refreshing and I thought it would be a grand idea to get my sis out on one of those pedal bikes with her friend.

Pike Lake was a great getaway from the city. They have a pool, concession, camping spots, trails, and mini golf! Just a small half hour drive which gives it that mini vacation feel. We love the water and the sand was great between the toes.

"Let the waves hit your feet & the sand be your seat.”

My friend Tia has more info on the trails that they have at Pike Lake. Check out her page to see what's in store!

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