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Thanksgiving is the time of year where everyone gets together and is thankful. Thankful for friends, family, food, and the life you've been given. I am very thankful for what I've been given. What I am the most thankful for is what this world has to offer.

For Thanksgiving my Mom, sister, and I took a "roady" to my Mom's home town in Morse.

It is a bit of a drive but it has the most scenic view.

One of the places we pass by is the Dam over Coteau Bay. It was super windy but people like to fish among the rocks. There is also a information centre further up the road which is normally open to have a bite to eat. Since covid is passing through I stopped along the sandy beach!

Me and Mr. Bentley had the whole beach to ourselves :)

One of my favourite parts of heading to Morse is the ferry.

When I was little I always looked forward to getting one of the old cream soda cans out of the old pop machine. Funny story my brother got his head stuck in between the bars one time when trying to look at the water on the ferry. It is a fun little memory I have on the way to Morse.

My Mom wanted to take a small detour and go look at Coteau Beach. Which I must say I hope my Mom buys a place up there because it was so beautiful.

My cousins live on a farm just outside of Morse. They have all the cows, horses, and kittens you can find! And let me add cute doggos too..

This was a really great day for a roady with my Mom and Sis because we always make the most out of our trips. We don't do a lot because of work and school so when we do plan something we try our hardest to enjoy the crap out of it.

For me I am thankful for the views and wildlife that you do not see everyday. I like to stop and smell the flowers so what can I say?

Just remember if you go on a roady with me I will always be saying stop the car! So I can get out and take all the photos! Maybe come with me next time so my Mom and sis don't get tired of my pit stops :)

Until next time stop and smell the flowers with me..


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