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Tufts Bay

Updated: Jan 11

I think I have found my new favourite beach spot. In one of my blog posts I posted about my lil family "roady" to Morse. During that trip we stopped along the way at the Gardiner Dam. There was a really cute beach that Bentley (our puppy) and I walked along at Danielson Park. During this summer I wanted to go to some nice little beach spots to feel like I was on a vacation.

I went to Danielson Park and they had such a lovely area! It was so big I don't think the beach could really fill up even. It was a little rocky and there wasn't any shade so I deff recommend bringing an umbrella, sunscreen, and good water shoes. (I burnt to a crisp... oops!)

After I thought I should try and go to Tufts Bay in Elbow. And wow! I loved it so much I took my mom and sister back there. The water wasn't as rocky and elbow has some stores and yummy ice cream shops to stop in if needing snacks along the way.

The sky is super gorgeous and it's fun to walk along the sand! We even brought our little puppy Bentley and he loved swimming with us!

Tufts Bay is about an hour and a half outside of Saskatoon but, I highly suggest going as it feels like a nice little getaway!

Where is your favourite beachy spot?

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