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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

My friends and I went camping this past weekend at Kimball Lake in Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

I for one have never been to Meadow and it was quite the adventure! I drove up with a friend of mine towards St. Walburg. One of my good girlfriends lives there. We planned on taking one vehicle with the three of us so that we would have less vehicles at the campsite in Kimball. When we finally packed the car (with no space I may add as I became one with the car) we headed to Meadow.

I was surprised at some of the neat features Meadow has that I didn't know about! There was an amazing restaurant called 'Eatery on Main'. There food was literally the best I have ever had anywhere along with sweet drinks and the sweets they carried like Nanaimo cheescake. Yummmm! I had a quesadilla wrap along with a house salad topped with a fruity iced tea. My friends got some yummy meals too! They now have an online menu where you can pre-order your food.

Meadow also has one of those cutesy stores that just has all the nice things to look at. Things like home decor, picture frames, bags, rustic signs, jewelry, plant hangers, mats, etc. 'Solitude' is the place to go to find treasured items.

Surprisingly we did not see much wildlife on our way to Kimball lake but, our other friends coming up did. It was such a beautiful drive to the campground. We booked two campsites for 9 bodies and 5 doggos. I would recommend to get firewood as soon as you arrive.

The greatest thing about the wildlife was seeing our provincial lily pop out of the grounds that you could spot almost anywhere you walked. The beach also had the softest sand.

With so many dogs we were not allowed to have them on the beach so we found our own little niche at little raspberry lake. We were able to set up spike ball, beersby, and a raft to float along the crisp waters.

We had the chance to walk along the trails with the dogs and enjoy the scenery.

I would highly recommend Kimball Lake or any of the lakes around Meadow to camp at. We may of only had a few days but it was nice to get a glimpse of somewhere I have not camped yet. The water was great, the weather was nice, and we cooked some supreme suppers.

We ended up being one big group of happy campers.

"There is no wifi in the forest but I promise you will find a better connection."

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