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"Send Dunes"

Have you ever seen someone go somewhere and you're like man! I want to go there too! My friend Tia is always adventuring on trails and seeing places I have never seen before. One day I decided I want to do that too!

Just beside Douglas Provincial Park into a 3 km trail there are sand dunes waiting to be trekked along at the end. There is a cacti trail too which is a little longer but, the walk is worth it.

The walk starts off in trees and plants with a few cacti on the side. There are a few benches to stop at to take a break as my sister and I took a break at each sign that told us we were getting closer to the dunes. A lot of people had bikes and dogs along the way.

I would recommend bringing sun screen if the sun is out as it got really hot in the sand and on our 3km walk back.

I would definitely check any of your animals for tics as there are lots in the area.

Once we got to the dunes we found a shaded spot to have a sushi picnic.

The dunes were never ending! We walked a little ways and decided to head back before we became one with the sand.

To cool off Elbow had a nice lake to dip your toes in or even Douglas Provincial Park. Bring lots of water to stay hydrated as it does get really hawttt!

Thanks for the dunes ;)

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