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The Crooked Bush

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Trust me this place is in the 'bush'.

"Botanical Mystery"

The Crooked Bush is located about an hour and a half North West of Saskatoon. There are two ways to get there which we went out through Langham, Borden, Radisson, and Hafford. You cannot tell when you are at the location because the trees are hidden in a big bush. It is not a big location as we thought but the aspen trees are so cool to see twisted in all different directions. There is an outhouse and a picnic area to make a day out of visiting.

On our way home we saw a Moose and made our way back through Hafford, Krydor, Blaine, Lake, and Petrofka.

- I would recommend to take a look at the church in Krydor.

- Stop in Blaine Lake as they have a few shops on their main street with Antiques and a nice Bakery to get some treats.

- Once near Petrofka there is a lovely orchard before crossing the bridge. They have amazing homemade jams, bread, loafs, a variety of meats, and other neat finds. They have trails leading near the water under the bridge and sell cherry trees and Saskatoon berry trees. This is a great place to take your family on a Sunday.

- Past the Petrofka bridge is the Olive Tree Restaurant. They have really old trucks and small tractors with a small shop that's rustic looking. This is a really cute place to look at and stop for ice cream.

Some pictures of our pit stops:

Krydor Church Olive Tree Petrofka Orchard

Need a small getaway? Head to the Bush!

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