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Coincidence or Not?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I have been thinking of travelling a lot lately and it made me think of this one time I was on a plane. I absolutely love planes. I like sitting in the window seat and gluing my face to the window. I sometimes am more excited about the plane ride more than the beginning of the actual trip.

Anyways there was this one time I was flying to Las Vegas. I never really pick the seats I sit in because sometimes it costs more to pick your actual seat. I luckily got a window seat. Beside me my 'neighbors' were these two little young girls. Across the aisle was the rest of their family, the mom, dad, and son. During the flight the young girls were so cute playing on their ipads and watching movies. Eventually I ended up talking to them. Asking where they got their cool light up charge cords for their ipads. They asked about my trip and I asked about theirs. They were going on a vacation together as a family to Las Vegas.

I gave them advice on what to see and do as I have been to Las Vegas a few times. When the flight ended I told the parents they had such sweethearts of young girls and I would be happy to have them as flight pals again.

A few weeks later after my trip back in 'reality' I was working at my job in Boston Pizza as a waitress. It was a busy night and I was about to get a table of 10 in my section. Which is no problem as sometimes I prefer larger tables as they can be easy to manage. There was a gymnastics tournament taking place and people were stopping in for a bite to eat. The table of 10 had a few parents and some young girls from the gymnastics tournament. As I was asking them what the occasion was a little girl was telling me about the tournament she was in. A couple stops at the table and the young girl let out, "you're the girl from the plane!" At first I was puzzled by what she meant but, her sister was sitting beside her who looked familiar. The table went quite and looked at me. I piped and said, "no way, how was your trip in vegas?" The whole table laughed! The parents with the young girls said, "small world and thanks for sitting with our daughters on the plane." I replied, "Let me know when you are flying again and we can sit together."

It made my entire shift that much better and all I could think was how that little girl had such a good memory. Just from a small plane ride to Vegas.

Coincidence or not?

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