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"Rough"-Rider Game

Have you ever thought of doing something nice for someone and it all just went South? Like real quick South? I know have many many times. This was definitely one of them.


Happy Canada Day all you beautiful Canadians! I love being a Canadian don't you? I woke up today and saw a memory popped up in my Snapchat memories. I had the biggest chuckle to myself because it was a picture of my Mom and I at a Roughrider game last year July 1st. I had to post this on Canada Day just because it happened on this great day anyways.

My Mom has always told me she had never been to a Roughrider game and last year I wanted to take her for a birthday present. Her birthday falls in July so it was an early birthday present. Both of us were so excited to go because it was in Regina so with that follows a 'roady'. It was such a beautiful day but, we knew the forecast called for rain further in the evening. We packed some rain ponchos just in case.

When we arrived we walked around, went through the souvenir shop and got some T-shirts to support our team even though we don't go to games much. It feels good to be a part of the atmosphere and be one with the crowd. We got some drinks and took our seats.

Not even about 20 minutes into the game a huge rain cloud appears and you could see the rain pouring from it as it got closer. An announcer comes onto the mic and says everyone needs to take shelter. We watch as everyone gets up and starts walking back out of the bleachers. The announcer mentions the game will be postponed until further notice. At first we think okay this will pass and maybe we can continue watching the game.

The rain didn't quit. The rain drops were so big they hurt if they hit you. I looked at my Mom and all the people who were leaving. I asked her do you want to leave? We don't know how long the rain will last and we did not plan on staying in Regina over night. My Mom replied that she wanted to stay.

Which we made the most out of it! We walked all around the stadium getting drinks and talking to people. We decided well if the rain isn't letting up we might as well put our rain ponchos on and get a pic with the rain to capture the moment.

A lot of people stayed because it was very squishy under the sheltered roofing. Sometimes I lost my Mom because she is so short and I was getting smacked every which way with my backpack on. At times you were face to face with someone else because you were stuck in a crowd and there was no where to move. Covid heaven if you ask me... (2020 insiders)

After about 3 hours or so the rain let up and the players came back on the field. It was just the funniest thing because all I wanted to do was take my Mom to a football game to say she finally saw the Roughriders.

Every Canada Day that will follow 2019 this is the memory I will have and my Mom and I chuckle at how her first Roughrider game was. Just my luck.

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