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Do you like your job?

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ever since I obtained my diploma in Recreation and Community Development I have had multiple and I mean multiple jobs. It's not because I did not like them, it's that most of my jobs were short-term or contract positions. When I couldn't find a job I would waitress which would end up making me work 2 jobs or 3 jobs at a time. I am very good at organizing my schedule so I always made it work.

People always ask me why I had so many jobs. I am trying to find a job of my interest where I can socialize with people on a daily basis. I am a people person and I don't like being stuck in an office. I have yet to find one.

Currently I have had about 15 or more jobs since my diploma. I don't think people understand the amount of interviews I have been through and how many times I was so close to gaining a job I would have loved. I have always been 'runner up' and each company or business mentioned they would keep my resume on file in case their new hire would not work out.

- I was close to working at Kreos Aviation at the front desk. They had about 200 and some people apply and only 7 that they picked to interview and I was 1 out of that 7.

- I was close to working with the North Saskatchewan Business Association as the bosses assistant basically.

- I was close to being a general manager for one of Chopped Leaf's locations however, the location I was going to be hired at ended up not following through on opening.

- I almost moved to Vancouver to work at a Zipline company, the interview was over the computer as they said they hire people from all around Canada. In the end they picked someone local...

- I almost became the Waskwanderer for Waskesui but, it conflicted with my job at the Elk Ridge Resort.

Here is what I ended up with:

(Pictures left to right first row)

Social Media:

Southwest District for Culture, Recreation & Sport

Server: Remai Modern

Server: Boston Pizza

(Pictures left to right second row)

Visitor Experience Expert:

Tourism Saskatoon

Marketing Coordinator:

Elite Property Management Ltd.

Pavilion/ Beer Cart & Front Desk Agent:

Elk Ridge Resort

I also worked at:

On Purpose Leadership: Wintershines Wintercamp Coordinator

Saskatoon Youth Soccer: Mini Youth Soccer Coordinator

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools: Educational Assistant

Server: Whiskey Jacks, Brown's Social House, Birmingham's

Beer Cart Girl: Willows Golf and Country Club

Transwest Air: Guest Service Agent (worked at the front desk terminal at the airport)

All these jobs were not what I expected to end up with. Over half of them I tried asking if there was more work so I could stay or tried re-applying to different positions that came available throughout the years. My resume is full of content but, it also isn't my fault for trying to find a stable job. And some were not what people hyped them up to be either.

I find it is hard anymore to get a position you want because it is all about who you know. Interviews are my least favourite and I wish it would be easier for Managers to get to know someone not just from a sheet of paper handed to them with 'experience' on it.

I still hope to find something amazing like becoming the Saskatchewanderer or a flight attendant.

Don't stay somewhere you aren't happy. Find a balance of what you are capable of.

Then again a job is a job..


I was Sunny the Mascot a few times for Tourism Saskatoon. Gotta put a smile on peoples faces somehow ;) But now I know not all hero's wear capes under these costumes

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