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DIY Projects

My favourite thing in this whole world is doing projects that are unique and creative. I am an artist so my mind is always looking at things in a different light. I am also kind of a perfectionist so when I see something I take my time on it to do it right.

Everyday when I look at my phone I am always browsing through Facebook Marketplace or Tik Tok DIY'S. People are so crafty! What is something you have made in your home that you enjoy the most?

Here are some of mine:

"Crateing" myself

I have seen crates all over the place that are just plain brown and look like they have no purpose. I have watched people paint them and hang them up and they immediately look like something they put together themselves.

I found these plain brown crates at JYSK which I have also found in Home Depot. I spray painted them white and all I did was stack them on top of each other. I was trying to aim for a book shelf. It is now one of my favourite pieces in my place!

I have seen other people paint them black and hang them above their toilets in the bathroom. They decorated them by putting toilet paper and towels inside the crates. I may use that for future reference when I find my own house.

This DIY project is super easy to do and cheaper then buying shelves off of amazon or say wayfair.

Also, I find it more rustic which is deff in these days...

"Embroider" Your Life

I have never embroidered anything before in my life. This project is something I looked at and thought I will never accomplish this to look like the picture. It is very tedious and takes a lot of time and effort. Every time I accomplished a section of the picture I was always thinking of when the next part would be finished and what it would look like. I had so much fun making this because it was sent to me as a secret Santa gift from someone across the world.

It had meaning to me to finish the project and now I look back on it almost every day.

I have seen embroidery kits in places such as Home Sense, Wal-Mart and Indigo but, they haven't been ones where I liked the picture. I am still looking for a masterpiece to conquer. If you find a nice one with preferably flowers on it send me a picture! I would love to embroider again.

But hey! Who doesn't like plants?

"I Arted and it Inks"

I found these awesome flower pictures off of Pinterest initially. They still show up on Tik Tok which I think they should continue to stand out. Who doesn't love seeing flowers in art anyways? Well here is mine.

When you initially paint the flowers onto the canvas they don't look as great as the end product. Once you start drawing over top of the flowers with a black ink kind of marker or white the flowers begin to show!

I did a black canvas but, you can also do white. Which might be another project I will make. The end product is so satisfying to look at. It took me a while to figure out how to draw the design of the flowers but pausing the videos of other people doing them made it easier to see how they are done.

"Resin" from the Flower

I have never used Resin before and I really wanted to when I watched ladies put dried out flowers in resin molds. I tried looking for one that said Home but came up with Love instead.

My sister and I went on walks in between allies and went to places like Cranberry flats to wind wild flowers and other types of plants. The mold I had was not very large so the smaller we found the better. Once we picked anything up I placed it inside a book to flatten and dry out the flowers and plants. After about a week I had the courage to mix the resin and hardening liquids together and place them in the mold. I ordered the mold off amazon which came with little lights. I believe the mold was made backwards as the smooth part of the finished product was on the back of the word Love instead of the front. It still turned out really nice but next time I think a different word will be used.

There are all types of molds out there but the hardest part is purchasing the resin and hardening liquids. They are both fairly expensive. And Michael's they are too over priced. Amazon is your best bet.

Resin is used for all sorts of items like making earrings or serving trays. Even making cool dining tables with resin in cracks of wood turn home decor into something unique.

When summer comes I will go about looking for more wild flowers and trying another resin project. Was quite fun!

Thanks for reading!

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